(Argentinian Dog)

This breed comes originally from the province of Cordoba located in the central parts of the Argentine Republic. It was founded by Dr. Antonio Nores Martines, a physician from a local family. He was passionate about dogs as well as family tradition were the main reasons. As a result, in 1928 he prepared a standard with the basic characteristics for a new breed, which he called Dogo Argentino. At first he systematically bred various pure-breed dogs with » the old Cordoba Fighting Dog « which was a strong and bulky dog with an unstable personality and genetics. The dog was a mixture of different breeds including mastini, bulldogs and bull terriers. These dogs were very famous and popular namely with dog fight enthusiasts; these included people from all layers of society and their hobby was considered normal at that time. Thanks to strict selection and increasing regulation of character, Dr. Nores Martinez achieved his goal after several generations – he managed to breed the first » family « with consistently inherited features. This breed was initially considered a fighting dog, but Dr. Nores Martinez, a keen hunter, used this dog for his usual big game hunts. Thanks to its useful traits, the breed soon became an indispensable part of his hunting expeditions. They quickly became specialists in big game hunting. Throughout the years, their function changed once again; they became a universal social companion and a reliable and loyal protector of their master. Their strength, stubbornness, scent and courage are unrivalled among pack dogs during hunting of wild boars, mountain lions and other game that lives in remote and rugged parts of Argentina and are harmful to cattle and fields of local farmers. The harmony and power of their muscles, reminiscent of a well-trained athlete, are the ideal prerequisites for travelling long distances in various weather conditions and withstanding hard fights with hunted game. On 21 May 1964 this breed was accepted by the Argentinian Cynological Federation as a separate breed. From this moment, these dogs are registered in the pedigree book of Sodiedad Rural Argentina. Later, on 31 July 1973, the breed was accepted as the first and only Argentinian breed by FCI thanks to the relentless efforts of Dr. August Nores Martinez, a brother of the founder of the breed, who continued in his footsteps.

Modern use - Dogo Argentino is currently a highly versatile breed. However, it needs consistent training and sufficient exercise. If these conditions are met, it can be kept as a pet, for hunting, as a service dog or for canistherapy.